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Welcome to HAUSH mates workforce timesheet daily management.

In this section we are going to talk about how you're going to manage your hours worked.

The employment contract that most of the time will be applied is the hourly employee, hourly employee is when an employee is paid an hourly wage for the actual hours they work.

Timesheet management needs to be practiced every day, monitoring and analyzing the employee timesheets (recorded work hours). 

HAUSH manages the timesheet of its employees via WhatsApp completely digital, HAUSH'S allocator will give you all the information, and add you to the group where the job is managed.

Sometimes, physical timesheet (paper) is required d by the client. HAUSH'S allocator will give you this information and you can download the timesheet clicking here on the side.


A subcontractor is an individual or a business that carries out work for a company. You can be hired in two different tax legislation: TFN or ABN


TFN: A Tax File Number is your personal reference number, used for the Australian tax and superannuation systems. Usually, when you are paid via TFN, your tax is deducted before you receive your salary in your account.

ABN: An Australian business number is a unique 11-digit number that every business in Australia, must have. You can be a company or a sole trader. Usually, when you are paid via ABN you receive the gross (i.e. no tax is deducted before you receive payment), and must report your earnings at tax time, paying your annual tax figure once each year.

Labour Hire in Sydney


Payroll is the compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period and on a given date.


The payroll process can includes the tracking hours worked for employees, travel allowance, and sometimes food allowance (i.e this happens when the employee travels to work and stays over the night at the workplace)

The payroll that HAUSH applies to its employees is weekly pay and the fixed payday is every Wednesday.


The employees are required to send their invoices with the work done weekly, listing:

  • Date;

  • Jobsite Address;

  • Rate;

  • Hours Worked;

  • Total;


PS: (If the employee has worked at different addresses, all the jobs worked on can be sent on the same invoice.)

Labour Hire in Sydney

Weekly Invoicing

Please complete the form and

upload your invoice and timesheet

(in case you have a paper timesheet).


You can always send the files to


ABN: 50 621 779 566

Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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